Ultimate guide on how to do a crew cut

Ultimate guide on how to do a crew cut

Crew cut is actually the short version of the regular haircut which is preferable by many numbers of the males right now. In order to style a crew cut, the top portion of the hair is faded from the front to crown, leaving longer hair or also part of the hair in the front to be styled into the bangs or pompadour.

Getting a style of crew cut:

  • To get the crew style hair cut to your hair, first of all you must need to cut the sides and also back portion of the hair to the short uniform length.
  • Then, you should need to make the transition to the top of the taper and haircut the lower part.
  • After that, it is very significant to make the top fade by gradually cutting the horizontal segments of your hair.

crew cut guide

This crew cut guide will be greatly helpful to all the males who can able to get a perfect crew cut for enhancing your overall style and appearance.

While getting to crew cut, the little much care is required so you should be very careful in selecting the best hair stylist in your area. The best hair stylist will surely provide you the perfect crew hair cut within a very shorter time. This hair style usually requires the best deal of fading and you should need to us the pair of scissors, a comb and the multiple blades & guards ready.

For getting perfect crew cut, go to the professional stylist and don’t try DIY at your home.

Important things to be considered for crew cut:

In order to get the best style of crew cut for all your requirements, first of all you should need to consider all these important things such as,

  • Uniform sides and back
  • Focusing on the top
  • Make the smooth transition
  • Fixing mistakes

For getting this hairstyle, the people will have to use the gel or wax to smoothen your hair follicles and make a cut. As it requires only the lower maintenance, it doesn’t need to be refreshed on the regular basis.

All the stylists should need to keep in mind that very short is the level to sun burns. As there is very less level of hair covering your scalp, the sun rays will get to you unless you wear caps or use sunscreen during the sunny days.