How to hide a bald spot on crown?

How to hide a bald spot on crown?

People are more conscious about their appearance that too when it comes to the hair and most of the people would take special care to make their hair to look better. The hair conscious is not only for girls even for men that too, if the men have bald spot then there would be extra hair.

Some of the people may feel so awkward due to bald spots and tends to hide them but it is scientifically proved that one third of men would lose some hair at certain point in life. Some people would be worried even some people would think how to get rid of bald spots? To the surprise there are some effective bald spot solutions which help men to handle worse bald spots.

hide a bald spot on crown

Various home remedies to minimize bald spots:

The worst thing about bald spot is once it started to occur it never goes which make you to think what to do about bald spots? There are ways to minimize their spreads which are listed below.

  • Men should stop wearing hat or cover their head while doing so you restrict your scalp to breathe which in turn cause you bald spots.
  • If you have habit of smoking you are at high risk of getting bald spots so it is better for you to quit smoking.
  • The bald can occur due to stress or due to low energy so to minimize the bald spots you should eat better that provides essential vitamins to scalp and try to be calm as much as possible since stress out can increase your bald spots.
  • Weigh down your hair is so important but do not try of using any hair products like gel, wax or pomades it is better to use volumizing powders which help you to clean all scalp spares and build up oil.
  • Use hair dryer for drying wet air it helps to keep hair strands separate that hide bald spots by giving high intense hair volume.
  • You can also change your hair cut which can help you to change your appearance good by hiding bald spots.

After trying all these above home remedies if you have still bald spot occurrence it is better to consult a doctor find the root cause of bald spots and cure them by small pills.