What is a disconnected haircut?

What is a disconnected haircut?

At present, many men follow many haircuts one of the most common one they follow is disconnected undercut. The haircut is named such way that the haircut involves long hair on top, short on sides and towards back not gradual.

Some people may think how connected and disconnected undercut haircuts get differ. If you look to connected Vs disconnected undercut in connected undercut haircut the hair is cut long from top and short on sides whereas in disconnected undercut the hair is long from top at certain point shot on sides.

The connected undercut will have clean and smooth cut on back which is connected to the sides whereas in disconnected undercut the hair cut will be in different length in back which can be clearly noticed.

disconnected haircut

How to have disconnected undercut?

In order to have disconnected haircut you need to grow long hair once you have done with that you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • The hair should be at least 2 inches grown so that on top the hair long hair remains.
  • The sides are short cut by using clippers and using razor slightly makes some touch up towards neckline edges.
  • Once the sides are shortened the long hair o the top is brushed towards back without any cut.
  • To make some changes you can also try by allowing some hair to grow gradually on sides till the hair grow thicker and reaches the disconnected point.

By doing all the steps you can get disconnected haircut but you need to maintain the hair cut on regular basis to ensure that uneven length of hair is maintained at back and it is noticeable.

Various disconnect undercut hairstyles:

There are different disconnected undercut hairstyles are available among which one can choose their suitable hair style.

Disconnected Pompadour Style:  this style gives a trendy and contemporary look so most of men wanted to have this style as it is eye catching one.

Disconnected Comb Over: in this style the sides are shortened wider the hair from top brushed to back gradually short.

Disconnected Shaved on Sides and Back: here the sides and back hairs are ultra shaved, the hair from top alone brushed back. This gives a cool smart look when it is maintained regularly.

Disconnected Undercut Quiff: in this style the long hair on the top are styled like quaff on sides and slightly made a cut to make it with uneven length. The sides are trimmed completely rather than shaving. This is one of the cool disconnect hair style.